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Birding Tours in Ukraine

One-day birding tours

The city of Kyiv is located in a place with diverse landscapes around it, which provides a huge variety of ornithofauna. Through the city flows the largest river of the Dnieper, which collects a huge number of different waterfowl during migrations. Every spring and every autumn here you can observe the huge flocks of Mute swans, Whooper swans, and Bewick's swans. Frequent, but not regular guests are Velvet Scoters, Long-tailed Ducks, White-headed Duck and others. In the winter, Gulls are concentrated on non-freezing sections of the Dnieper, among them, in particular, there are Herring Gulls, and sometimes there is a Great Black-backed Gull. Early spring you can easily find Lesser Black-backed Gulls and Siberian Black-backed Gulls.

Around Kyiv there are a huge number of lakes and fishing farms with a large number of migrating and breeding species of waterfowl, near-water and predatory birds. From spring to autumn, these places perhaps are the most attractive for birdwatching. Here you can find 20 species of sandpipers, various terns, herons and a variety of ducks. And within the limits of 100 km from the boundary of the city of Kyiv you can also find a unique and rare breeding here Aquatic Warbler!

Citrine (Western) Wagtail near Obuhiv / 2018-05-27

Red-necked Phalaropes near Grebinky / 2018-07-05

Juvenile and adult Herring Gulls on Kyiv Reservoir / 2019-01-05

Whiskered Tern near Obuhiv / 2017-07-25

Conditions of tour:

program is free, depanded to season and wishes of customer
duration: 1 day (3 days in a row maximum)
destination < 150 km
season: year-around
number of customers: 1-2
food: 1 time (lunch)
no accommodation
transfer from/to airoport after agreement
Kiev. 1-day tour - € 70-120 one person, depending the duration of tour.

Contact person. Anar Issabekova (anarissabekova@birds.kz)

rare birds records

Blue-cheeked Bee-eater (Merops persicus)

© Alexey Zolotov

The 4th registration for Ukraine and the first registration for the Kyiv region took place at the Kiev Reservoir. The bird was discovered by Alexey Zolotov and Alexey Komarovsky.

Moustached Warbler (Lusciniola melanopogon)

© Family Kuzhel
Heorhiivka Donetsk obl.

The first meeting in the Left-Bank Ukraine.

Red Phalarope (Phalaropus fulicarius)

© Sergo Travelian

The second record for this year in Ukraine. Juvenile individual was photographed at Telbin Lake, Kyiv (North Ukraine) on 14.10.2019. This is the 21th registration for Ukraine and this is the first registration for the Kyiv region.

Red-rumped Swallow (Hirundo daurica)

© Kostiantyn Pylypiuk

The third meeting for the Azov-Black Sea region and Ukraine at all, with the exception of Island Zmijinyi and Crimean Peninsula, where this species is now nesting.

unidentified birds


Андрій Сімон: Подорлик. Вот только какой: "незначительный" или "существенный"?


Костянтин Письменний: Є підозра, що це не малий, а великий підорлик ))

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